03 8 / 2014

(cont) This month’s releases feature themed shoots on location (cave woman, beach girl), unaware body exploration, belly dancer vore, lesbian foot fetish lovers, mouthcam videos, epic crush pov under dirty soles, and much more! Support my work today by visiting GiantessKatelyn.com <3

03 8 / 2014

Preview frames to my upcoming August fetish video releases!

12 7 / 2014

Had a blast shooting at the beach~ here are some screen grabs from the trip! Check out my sexy videos at GiantessKatelyn.com Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Xox, Katelyn <3

18 6 / 2014

06 6 / 2014

Shots from the newest addition to my store, The Bratty District Attorney!

03 6 / 2014

This morning I woke up super horny, ready to reward my shrunken bus full of people for not driving off last night. Not that they would have gotten far anyway because of their size and the fact that they were high up on my nightstand lol! As their reward, I insert the entire bus into my lubed up pussy, squirt all over them, then I squirt some more (in a different way!) in the shower before crushing them and having my second orgasm over their remains. Oh, fuck, YEAH. :D (PSst! Check out the vid here!)

18 5 / 2014

Shots from my newest video The Stolen Towel!

11 5 / 2014

Shots from my newest vid. BOY is this one kinky! If you like what you see, here’s a link! ;)

04 5 / 2014

So this week we had our first nice, hot, spring day here in WA and while sunbathing in my teeny bikini I couldn’t help but get off to fantasizing about what I’d do to a tiny man if I spotted him on my deck. Listen to all of the hot juicy details in First Spring Fantasy and support my work today! <3

30 4 / 2014

Watch me chew up various foods and open my mouth every few seconds to show you what it looks like as I process it with my teeth in Food Chewing Demonstration!