14 4 / 2014

So yesterday I found one of my shrunken slaves in my panty drawer without my prior permission. As punishment I squeezed him in my hands, and when I saw that he was turned on by it I rubbed him against my boobs and licked his face. He liked being squeezed so hard that he didn’t make it

10 4 / 2014

Images from today’s update: Revenge on Nova’s Ex Coworkers!

08 4 / 2014

Hot shots from a cherry tomato crush video starring Giantess Nova. Hear us joke around and laugh as she crushes all of my pesky fans for the cam! 

02 4 / 2014

Sexy screenshots from my upcoming new fetish videos for early April! Come visit me at GiantessKatelyn.com! ;)

28 3 / 2014

Check out Obsessive Cleaner 2 if you like long thick fuzzy white socks and getting nearly crushed, over and over, by an unaware Giantess!

27 3 / 2014

Shots from my newest insertion video A Giantess Fetish Girl’s Orgasm featuring crush, vore, insertion, and more!

24 3 / 2014

Watch me pin a shrunken man wrestler under my feet, hands, boobs, and then swallow him and his coach full in A Shrunken Wrestler’s Last Match featuring Doll Sized Vore and Bloated Belly povs!

20 3 / 2014

Hot mouthshots from my newest endoscope vid to date The Perfect Ending to a Toothslave’s Life. Get taped to my spoon, enjoy getting dipped down into my food and brought up to my mouth, watch me eat every bite, and then eat you alive in this vore fetish video! ;) 

17 3 / 2014

I snuck off two videos in a public sauna the other day- vore fetish, and mouth fetish. Check them out over at my site! <3 xoxox

14 3 / 2014

Sneak a peek at my dirty white socks, sweaty bare soles, and linty toes in my foot fetish voyeurism video Linty Toe Spread Voyeur!